Saying YES to life in a big way

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February 4, 2013 by iamsaw

Michael Shutt and Mary Beth Pape - picture courtesy of Cece Tio

Michael Shutt and Mary Beth Pape – picture courtesy of Cece Tio

I just had to share this story.

My dear friend Michael Shutt did something this weekend that completely inspired me and exemplifies this project.

Michael has declared 2013 the year of SAYING YES.

So, when he got a call that an actor came down with the flu and Michael’s talent was needed to fill in THAT NIGHT for Moving Arts’ production of The Car Plays, he said yes.

He got the call at 10:45 AM

He received the script for Todd’s Hollywood Tours written by Trey Nichols at noon.

He was in his car driving down to the Segerstrom Center of the Arts only an hour later.

And by 5:30 PM he was performing the play. The Car Plays is a unique production that requires the actors to perform each 8-minute play 15-times in ONE NIGHT. The audience sits inside the car WITH the actors. It is an incredibly intimate experience and requires huge amounts of endurance and presence of mind.

Talk about FEARLESS!

Now, this is exactly the kind of FAILURE-RIDDEN challenge that I love. Yes, this opportunity had failure written all over it. Let’s be real. I don’t care how talented you are, jumping in at this late notice with no relationship to the text isn’t a slam dunk. No…

And clearly, Michael was unafraid to fail.

He trusted himself and his partner- the talented Mary Beth Pape.

He said yes, because he has declared this year to be about saying YES.

Risking failure is what made the success even more sweet.

Michael, you are a hero. I love that you did this.

Thank you for being a source of inspiration.

Thank you for being willing to fall flat on your face in service of LIVING ON THE SKINNY BRANCHES!

I’d love to hear about your impressions and what you took away from the experience.

And kudos to Mary Beth Pape… that is an equally scary position to be in– suddenly acting with someone who doesn’t know the play. Who you haven’t rehearsed with even once. Because of what you both did, the show went on. You saved the show!

You both inspire me. And I bet you had an absolute blast!




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