Little by little


January 14, 2013 by iamsaw

I disappeared for a few days. I’m writing now purely to write something here. To not have abandoned this project completely. I haven’t stopped thinking about it, but my mom came to town and we have been playing.

I love hanging out with my mom. Malcolm and I picked her up on Friday and drove to San Diego to visit my brother and see his new house. Yes. My “little” brother just bought a house. I’m so proud of him. And it’s awesome. So… I took a little vacation from this project.

“Even dust when accumulated makes a mountain.” – Japanese Proverb

Today I’m thinking about something my friend Jamie Sanden said when he was here visiting. He talked about doing things little by little. I hope you don’t mind my sharing this, Jamie. But I really thought it was brilliant… So there are a lot of things in magic that take years and years to master. When speaking about this one particular trick, Jamie said that if ten years ago he had begun to practice it only ten minutes a day, he would have mastered it today.

Ten minutes a day.

Little by little.

Why must I have everything all at once?!

Why must I succeed NOW?!

Why am I so afraid of a slow and steady climb?

I can’t help thinking about all of the things I could be awesome at if only I practiced ten minutes a day. Like stretching. I don’t even bother, because in my mind I think that ten minutes of stretching does nothing. But really, I know the opposite to be true.

Am I just really gifted at tricking myself out of action?

Yes. I think so.

I’m gifted at avoidance.

This project is designed to trick me into action, so to speak.

Little by little.

What does that look like? I’m not so sure anymore. But I do know that dwelling in this topic is opening things up for me big time.

How do I effectively apply the “little by little” principal to this project? Maybe every day doesn’t have to be an amazingly inspiring success-ridden failure. Maybe it’s a small action a day. Maybe it’s a big thing one day and a small thing the next and… you get the picture.

Just being here. Having this conversation with myself. (are you out there?)

Is enough.


P.S. I liked this post:

How to Establish New Habits the No-Sweat Way – Zen Habits


2 thoughts on “Little by little

  1. Your little by little post made me think of something that Julia Cameron — author of The Artist’s Way — wrote in a Finding Water. She talks about playing the piano. She that she thought about how, in her 40s she wanted to learn to play the piano, but “bought the excuse” that she was too old to learn something new. She realized she would age whether she could play the piano or not. So she started lessons at age 54. Just some food for thought.

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