Monthly Archives: January 2013

  1. flu happens

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    January 25, 2013 by iamsaw

    Have you heard? The flu is sweeping the nation. Did you get your flu shot? I did not. And on …
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  2. There’s always an excuse for not failing


    January 17, 2013 by iamsaw

    What do I mean by that? Well, if you don’t try you can’t fail. So… the excuse for not failing …
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  3. Little by little


    January 14, 2013 by iamsaw

    I disappeared for a few days. I’m writing now purely to write something here. To not have abandoned this project …
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  4. My experiment in failure continues to inspire me to get shit done

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    January 11, 2013 by iamsaw

    Today I set out to complete a rewrite of my play AMERICAN HOME. Then I realized that I really need …
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  5. How to fail and not fail at running

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    January 10, 2013 by iamsaw

    I set out to run for 30 minutes without stopping. This was a challenge for me because I haven’t run …
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  6. Magic Managed


    January 9, 2013 by iamsaw

    It’s 5:00 PM, I still haven’t performed my card trick for any strangers. I’m in a boutique clothing store buying …
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  7. The magic challenge


    January 8, 2013 by iamsaw

    FAIL CHALLENGE: LEARN A MAGIC TRICK AND PERFORM IT FOR 5 STRANGERS I both failed and succeeded. I did indeed …
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